1. Filming:

We can consult and supply reptiles for the use in films. Dr Tony Phelps and his assistants will be on site in the bush or studio, as the reptile wrangler, to over see that the animals are treated correctly and give advice on the best way to obtain the required natural footage.

In Dr Phelps cameraman role, he has worked for many television production companies and produced excellent footage of reptiles in the wild. Some filming work can be seen on the video "Predators of the wild: Snake" presented by Time Warner to name a few. He has also worked as a specialist cameraman on Mark O'Shea's Discovery Channel film "Black Mamba".

2. Scientific & Environmental Education Services:

Coordination of research within South Africa:

Guidance and assistance to visiting herpetologists: i.e. to operate within the current legislation and permit system. The Institute would also arrange and provide field trips for specific needs at a modest fee, if required.

Consultancy: Mitigation solutions to landowners, developers, and farmers with regard to reptiles on their property.

Reptile monitoring:

Environmental Education:

Environmental Education Programs: Targeting young and old, the Institutes' interactive talk and demonstrations will cover a range of fascinating topics concerning reptiles. All educational programs are tailored to suite all age groups at all intellectual levels.

Lectures:Targeting student of Universities and colleges, the Institute's highly technical lectures are aimed to improve the herpetological knowledge of students in nature conservation, zoology, or any other biological field. These lectures can cover topics such as ecology to research methodology. Lectures are conducted by experienced field herpetologists who have the appropriate qualifications in natural sciences.

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